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Roofing Terms Dictionary

3 Star Warranty- A warranty that a CertainTeed SelectShingle Master can offer. 20 year non-prorated warranty on material and labor. 

4 Star Warranty- A warranty that a CertainTeed SelectShingle Master can offer. 50 year warranty on material and labor non-prorated. 

5Star Warranty- A warranty that only a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master at the highest level can provide. 50 year warranty non-prorated on material & labor and a 25 year workmanship warranty, backed by CertainTeed.


Algae- Black streaks that appear on your roof. Usually more likely in shady areas. 

Apron Flashing- A term that could be used for either the front piece of the chimney flashing, or flashing from the roof to the gutter. 

Asphalt- The mixture of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel. Used for most roofing products

Asphalt Plastic Cement- A spreadable compound mad from ground asphalt. Commonly used on chimney flashing and nail holes for roof repairs. 

ASTM- American Society for Testing Materials, they set the standards in the roofing materials and other industries. 


Back Surfacing- Applied to shingles to prevent them from sticking to equipment and each other.

Blistering- Can happen to shingles when moisture is trapped during the making of shingles. 

Blowoffs- Happens when a shingle is forced off the roof from high-winds. 

Buckling- Occurs from movement of the roof decking with the change in moisture levels. 


Button Caps- A fastener that is used to hold down underlayments, and can withstand higher winds. 

California Valley- A type of valley that has a shingle ran parallel to the valley and shingles are butted to it. 

Closed Cut Valley- A type of valley that has on roof plane ran up & across the other roof plane. and the top shingle is cut in the valley


Open Valley- A type of valley that has the shingles cut back with metal exposed in the middle. 

OSB- Oriented Strand Board. Commonly used for roof decking. 

Overdriven- When a nail is driven threw the material, not allowing proper strength.

Over Exposed- When the shingle is installed too high and the nailing strip is exposed. 


Nail Pop- A nail that if pushing up on the roofing material. Usually caused due to improper install.

NRCA- National Roofing Contractors Association. 


Mansard- A nearly vertical roofing surface that ties into another roof plane. 

Max-Def Colors- Colors that are offered to Landmark PRO, Premium, and TL shingles.

Modified Bitumen- A Rolled roofing with polymer modified asphalt. 

Mortar- Is the material between your bricks.made of concrete and sand. 


Plywood- Layers of wood glued together often used for the decking of a roof. 

Pipe Flashing- An aluminum product with a rubber flange that is made to water tight a pipe. 

Pitch- The slope of the roof plane commonly used with */12

Penetrations- Any item that comes through the roof like a pipe flashing, chimney. 


Quad OSI- A caulking that is used commonly to seal chimney flashing. Comes in a wide range of colors. 

Racking- A method used to install 3 tab shingles. 

Rafter- Internal beams that extend from the eave to the ridge of the roof. 


Rake- The part of the roof that is on a gable end and drip edge is installed. 

Ridge- The peak of the roof where cap is installed and 2 roof planes meet. 

Ridge Vent- A vent that is installed at the ridge of the roof for ventilation purposes

Rolled Ridge Vent- A productCertainTeed manufactures that comes in 27' rolls. 

Roof Louvers- A square vent that is used for ventilation. Also called slant backs, turtle backs, or box vent. 

Counter Flashing- Is a flashing that goes over the step flashing and is sealed.

Cricket- A saddle that if framed in behind the chimney to divert water from behind the chimney.

Cupping/Curling- Usually occurs to shingles when they are reaching the end of their useful life.


Damper Vent- A vent that is installed for bathroom, oven, etc. exhausts. 

Decking- The surface under shingles. Usually OSB or Plywood but could also be one by planking. 

Diamond Deck- Synthetic underlayment produced by CertainTeed. 

Dormer- Usually where a window is installed, framed up out of a roof plane. 

Drip Edge- A piece of metal flashing that is installed at the rakes of the roof. 


Eaves- The bottom of the roof plane were the gutte ris usually installed. 

End Laps- The area on a roll of Flintlastic rolled roofing where one roll ends and the next roll laps over. 

Energy Star- An approval that lets homeowners know they are energy efficient & may qualify for a tax credit. 

Exposure- The amount of shingle that is made to be shown. 


Fascia- Usually an aluminum that is installed over the wood on the rakes and eaves.

Fasteners- Usually staples or nails used to secure the roofing products. 

Fiberglass Mat- The material that is used in Shingles to hold the asphalts together. Commonly referred to as the heart of the shingle. 

Flashing- Metal that is installed in areas where a vertical obstacle comes out of a roof.

Flange- The rubber that is on a pipe flashing

Flintlastic- A rolled roofing material manufactured by CertainTeed. Comes in a variety of options. 


Integrity Roof System- A roofing system that CertainTeed put together with all their products to provide a better warranty


Hand Seal- Is a process that is used when the shingles need extra adhesive.

High Nailing- When nails are installed higher than the manufacturers nailing strip. 

Hip Roof- A roof with 4roof planes come together 


Gable- The side walls of an A framed house. 

Gable Vents- Vents that are installed at the peak of your gables. Used for ventilation. 

Geocel- A caulking that is used to seal almost any type of material. Comes in a variety of colors.

Granules- Crushed rock that is coated with copper to prevent algae growth and used for shingles

Gutter Apron- A piece of flashing that comes from the roof down into the gutter to prevent water from leaking behind the gutter. 


Roof Plane- A section of the roof that is separated by either rakes, valleys, ridge, or wall. 

SawTeeth- That part of a Landmark shingle were the raised area is or top layer is. 

SelectShingle Master- A credential that CertainTeed provides for their certified installer. Comes in 3, 4, and 5star companies. 

Self-Sealant - A product that does not need any extra sealant added to it like Winterguard. 

Shadow Ridge- A product that CertainTeed manufacturers. Made to be installed at the hips and ridges of roof. 

Sheathing- The material used under the shingles commonly OSB or Plywood. 

Side Laps- The area were one roll of Flintlastic is rolled over the other. 

Side wall- Is located were a roof plane runs into a wall/gable.

Skylights- A window that is installed on your roof to let light in. Can be fixed or venting.

Soffit- The area that is located under your gutters if you have an overhang.

Swift Start- A product made to start your course of shingles off. Produced by CertainTeed. 

Sun tunnel- A small tubular skylight like product that will allow light into your house. 

Steep Slope- Any roof plane with a pitch 8/12 or greater. 

Step Flashing- Metal "L" shaped flashing used on a vertical wall that meets a roof plane. 

Streak Fighter- The warranty against algae on CertainTeed shingles. 


Woven Valley- A type of valley install where one shingle from each plane is over each other back and forth. 

Winter Guard- A product that is produced by CertainTeed, and is installed as an underlayment in problematic areas like the eaves, chimney, skylights, etc.


Valleys- The part of the roof were 2 roof planes meet, and the majority of the water is going to flow. ( The "V" shape on a roof)

Vapor- Term used to describe moisture laden air. 


Under Driven- Is what happens when the nail is not installed all the way, and can cause nail pops. 

Underlayment- The material that is under the shingles.Commonly Ice and Water guard or felt. 


Tear Off- The action of removing the old roofing material. 

Telegraphing- What occurs when what ever is under the shingles is shown after the install. Like warped plywood, or were an addition meets the existing house. 

Transition- The area when 2 roof planes meet and have 2 different pitches. Like a front porch that ties into your roofline. 

Track-Record- Is a survey that CertainTeed has their SelectShingle Masters give to their homeowners. 

Truss- Frame work that supports the roof often rafters. 

Square- A 10'X 10' area. It is also used to tell how much material is needed on a job

Ice Dam- When ice is formed at the eave of the roof and breaks the seal of the shingles, entering into the house. 


Laminated Shingle- An asphalt shingle  built with a heavy base & multiple layers

Laminated Glass- A glass surface that will hold together when shattered. 

Landmark Series- A line of Dimensional shingles manufactured by CertainTeed, Landmark, Landmark PRO, Landmark TL

Leaf Relief- A type of aluminum gutter guard that Ply-Gem makes.

Laps- When one type of material overlaps another. Commonly on underlayments or Flintlastic. 

Low Nailing- When installing a shingle and the nails are installed lower then the exposure. Often referred to as a shiner. 

Low Slope- A roof plane that has a pitch lower then a4/12 pitch and requires different install methods. Pitches that are less then2/12 need different types of material to be used.

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